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How-To Guide: Create interactive Instagram and Facebook Stories

How-To Guide: Create interactive Instagram and Facebook Stories

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If you want to be visible and stay at the top of the news feed, then you’ll want to share Instagram and Facebook Stories regularly, because the Stories feed sorts by “freshness” first. So, when you upload something new, your little profile picture will bump its way to the top (front) of that coveted spot!

Instagram and Facebook should be a huge part of your marketing strategy, and Stories is an unparalleled way for your account to stand out!

This guide helps you share creative and interactive Stories with your community to encourage engagement and add fun to your account, and turn your stories from meh to marvellous. Brimming with easy-to-implement tips and bursting with creative ideas to jzush up your Stories, ensuring your audience interacts and engages.

Available as a quick digital download, this guide is your shortcut to becoming an Instagram and Facebook Story pro, no matter your tech skill level. "Hello Media's Guide to create interactive Instagram Stories" is your playbook for connecting with your dream audience in a fun and effective way. Grab your copy today and start creating stories that truly resonate and engage!

This is a digital download and can be saved so every time you need to resend, you can just refer to this handy how-to guide and follow the steps. Enjoy!

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