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Ai & Content Masterclass

Ai & Content Masterclass

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Ai can help you with your content in 2024!
If you want to reach more humans (your ideal clients and customers!) using AI solutions, OR if you want help teaching the humans in your company how to get the most out of AI and learn the latest Ai-driven content creation tools, embrace the magic of Ai in our full-day masterclass!

To showcase your business in 2024, we'll guide you through harnessing AI for crafting top-tier content that propels your business forward.

💥5 hours in the Hello Media zoom room with Kylie Mowbray-Allen where you'll be DOING, LEARNING & CREATING in the class. (includes a 30 minute break for lunch) 
💥Access to the recordings
💥BONUS resources to take away

What you need:

👉Good internet connection, so you can have your camera on
👉Use the computer that you're zooming in on, so you can share your screen if need be
👉Availablity to be online during the session (much easier than watching the recording at a later date and trying to catch up - our masterclasses are all about GETTING STUFF DONE!)
👉Send us a message if you've got questions! 

Limited numbers - book now!
Ai & Content Masterclass Wednesday November 6th, 9-2pm
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