A ~ That's great! We have a minimum term of 3 months, so that we can research, prepare your strategy, engage, testing hashtags, create scroll-stopping artwork, study your insights, prepare great content and posting at the optimal times - all this takes time, so we've found a 3-month minimum period is optimum to get a good grasp of your social media accounts.

A ~ Interacting with your followers and community needs to be a joint effort. Whilst our team will respond to your customer’s comments and queries, you might want or need to get involved in that too. If we're auto posting to FB for you whilst only running your IG account, you'll need to jump into FB and edit the post to tag where relevant - FB loves FRESH content! Don't worry, if you're not sure what all this means - we'll explain it all so that you're confident to do it yourself.

A ~ You can either pay for your service booking online and checkout with credit card or paypal, OR we can send you an invoice so that you can pay via direct debit from your bank account.

A ~ You'll be invoiced monthly, and all payments must be up front at beginning of each month, and can be made via direct deposit, credit card or paypal.

A ~ Cancellations require four weeks notice to terminate. We start preparing your content a month in advance so to ensure we don't work on your account; research content, create artwork and graphics, we need plenty of notice to terminate.

A ~ Absolutely! We require your IG login and FB admin access to your accounts, but you remain the owner. 

A ~ Absolutely! We have no nasty clauses in our T&C's as so many do, so anything we create for you, is YOURS. 

A ~ Of course! Our three Social Media Management packages are our most popular, but we can create individualised packages that include a blog post or a newsletter each month, video creation etc. The options are endless, get in touch!

A ~ Each course includes guides which are delivered as a .pdf file instantly after purchase.

A ~ For sure! The content you buy in my online courses is original, and you're welcome to utilise the prompts, questions, and resources shared inside each course or guide as part of your own client process. 

A ~ Your domain name is your digital address that people will use to access your website. You need one so that people can find you and get connected to your site.

A ~ Due to the nature of online/digital content, refunds are not offered. If you have questions about whether this bundle is right for you, please get in touch at hi@hellomedia.team before you purchase and we'll be happy to help!

A ~ You can purchase a domain name through your XYZulu if you're going for a WordPress build or directly through Shopify or Wix if your website is built on one of those platforms, as the hosting is included in your monthly fees.

A ~ A website host is basically where you content lives online. Wix and Shopify platforms include the hosting (even on their free plans!)

If you're having a WordPress website, don't be fooled by CHEAP hosts! More than anything you need to have SECURITY and a BACK UP plan in place. Chat with our mate Brad at XYZulu - we've used him for hosting for 12 years and he's awesome and really knows his stuff!

A ~ Google Analytics is a great tool to help you understand your customers and how they are interacting with your website. You can find out which of your pages are most visited and how long visitors spend on each page. It can really help you improve your website and ultimately boost your bottom line! 

A ~ After discussions with us, we'll have a clear idea about what will work best for you. We consider things such as; price, ease of use, template designs and how that website platform can grow with your business. 

A ~ If you’re looking to maintain your site yourself, and add blog posts, images and pages, we highly recommend WIX. 

A ~ We believe if you're selling anything, Shopify is your best friend! Read our article on why we love Shopify!

A ~ We LOVE giving your website a complete refresh so it reflects your business, branding and message PERFECTLY! Chat with us about how we can work with you to present something fresh and fabulous to the world!

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