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Email Marketing Masterclass

Email Marketing Masterclass

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This 1-day Masterclass on Email Marketing will see you SETTING UP your Mailchimp template in the masterclass, creating eye catching header graphics, learning how to build your email list, and writing a captivating subject and preview so that your audience wants to open your email and see what you're offering!

💥6 hours in the Hello Media zoom room with Kylie Mowbray-Allen where you'll be DOING, LEARNING & CREATING in the class. (includes a 30 minute break for lunch) 
💥Workbook to work through 
💥Access to the recordings
💥BONUS resources for offline use 

What you need:

👉Good internet connection, so you can have your camera on
👉Use the computer that you're zooming in on, so you can share your screen if need be
👉Availablity to be online during the session (much easier than watching the recording at a later date and trying to catch up - our masterclasses are all about GETTING STUFF DONE!)
👉Send us a message if you've got questions! 

Limited numbers - book now!
Email Marketing Masterclass Wednesday July 10th, 10-3pm
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