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Canva Club Quickstart ~ for Growing Brands 🌱

Canva Club Quickstart ~ for Growing Brands 🌱

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Canva Club Quickstart ~ for Growing Brands 🌱

Who's this for? Absolute beginners and anyone keen to dip their toes into the magical world of Canva. Perfect for small biz owners and marketers itching to get their brands to sparkle online without breaking a sweat.

What's in it?

Navigating Canva: A walk in the park 🌳
Design basics: Fonts, colours, and layouts that pop! 🎨
Templates: Your secret weapon to quick, slick designs ✨
Easy peasy graphics: From social media posts to fab flyers

"Yaaay - sign me up - when do we start???!" I hear you squeal with glee ...

Canva Club Quickstart: Monday 22nd April & Wednesday 24th April 3-5pm AEST! (Duration: 4 hours total learning!)

  • You know you need amazing visuals in your business, you’ve seen other people totally rocking it, and you want some of that same action, but you're not sure how to lift your game.
  • Perhaps you’re new to Canva or just starting out in business, maybe you’ve used Canva before but haven’t seen all the updates, or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

The Canva Club Quickstart is perfect for you if:

  • You’re new to business or just starting out
  • You’re a VA or SMM and you look after multiple brands
  • You have a limited budget but want your visuals to be irresistible, perfectly on-brand and utterly professional
  • You want to let out your creative side and be in control of your own brand
  • You want your business to stand out amongst the noise, and you want to be proud of what you're presenting to the world
  • You feel like you're lacking in creative nouse and want someone to show you how to change that
  • You're ready to take your branding to the next level and want to crush it with Canva
  • You like learning with PEOPLE, from PEOPLE and getting to ask questions and interact as you go along! 

What you'll learn and what you'll get: 
- Navigating Canva 
- Key design principles for impactful branding
- Setting up your Canva brand kit: Colours, fonts, logos
- Designing your brand's social media essentials: Posts and stories that pop
- Business essentials: Crafting standout business cards and letterheads
- Design a branded social media graphic and a business card
- Secrets to designing content that engages and converts
- Using Canva's content planner for strategic posting
- Create an infographic or flyer that tells your brand story
- Open Q&A session

- Showcase and feedback: Reviewing people's creations
- Continuing your Canva journey
- Access to the recordings via Google Drive. 

Got more questions? Send us an email! 

Wondering what’s the point of having your brand stand out online?
Your branding is important to simply and easily help your customers and clients understand what you offer, what you're all about and how you’re different. Your USP (unique selling proposition) is only a part it, because communicating what you stand for is what turns a visitor into a customer, a subscriber into a client, and a follower into a raving fan!

As well as your logo, brand colours & fonts, your brand is about so much. more. Making your brand stand out makes all the difference in how and what you can charge, how people view your brand, and ultimately, how people do business with your brand!

Click BUY now! Limited places available so personalised attention for all is guaranteed! Or ... if you'd like to buy ALL THREE courses, click here for the bundle and save! 

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