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Canva Club Next Steps ~ Design to Dazzle ✨

Canva Club Next Steps ~ Design to Dazzle ✨

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Canva Club Next Steps ~ Design to Dazzle ✨

Who's this for? Those who've had a taste and are craving more! Ideal if you've frolicked through the basics (or taken part in Canva Club Quickstart) and are ready to up the ante.

What's in it?

Brand kits: Your brand voice Ai feature & super cool personalised elements  🔍
Advanced design techniques: Make those designs truly yours 🛠
Animation and video: Bring your brand to life 🎞
Time-saving tips & tricks: Work smarter, not harder ⏰

"I'm IN! What happens next?!" I hear you shout, excitedly ...

Canva Club Next Steps: Monday 20th May and Wednesday 22nd May 3-5pm AEST! (Duration: 4 hours total learning!)

  • You're using Canva but you know there's so much more you could do with it, you've got some skills, but you need your brand to look cohesive, to be on point, to sell itself easily because it looks so darn profesh! 

The Canva Club Next Steps is perfect for you if:

  • You’re new to business or just starting out and you already have experience with Canva
  • You’re a VA or SMM and you look after multiple brands and you want to up your Canva game
  • You have a limited budget but want your visuals to be irresistible, perfectly on-brand and utterly professional
  • You want to let out your creative side and be in control of your own brand
  • You want your business to stand out amongst the noise, and you want to be proud of what you're presenting to the world
  • You're ready to take your branding to the next level and know you can crush it with Canva with a little guidance
  • You love learning online with real life humans, who interact with you, answer your questions, and make sure you're "getting it!" ... this isn't a "watch and try and figure it out for yourself" type course! 

What you'll learn & what you'll get: 
Canva Club Next Steps ~ Design to Dazzle ✨
Duration: 4 hours
- Deep dive into advanced design elements and principles
- Exploring Canva's advanced features to bring designs to the next level
- Upgrade a basic design using advanced techniques 
- Brand Kit - writing your Canva voice (Ai)
- Customising templates for a cohesive look: From Instagram to LinkedIn to Pinterest
- Create a campaign suite across two platforms 
- Animated posts, GIFs, and video content
- Intro to Canva's video capabilities for eye-catching content
- Produce an animated graphic or a short brand video
- Open Q&A session

- Showcase and feedback: Reviewing people's creations
- Continuing your Canva journey
- Access to the recordings via Google Drive. 

Got more questions? Send us an email! 

Click BUY now! Limited places available so personalised attention for all is guaranteed! Or ... if you'd like to buy ALL THREE courses, click here for the bundle and save! 

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