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Canva Club Deep Dive ~ Advanced Design Skills 👑

Canva Club Deep Dive ~ Advanced Design Skills 👑

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Canva Club Deep Dive ~ Advanced Design Skills 👑

Who's this for? The brave souls ready to become Canva Royalty! Tailored for those who want to explore the advanced areas of Canva's potential.

What's in it?

Mastering custom templates: Be the trendsetter in your niche 👑
Integrations and apps: Canva's BFFs that make life easier 🤝
Steamlining & simplifying your workflow 👍

"I am READY for MORE!?!" I hear you whisper, with quiet but unbridled enthusiasm ... Canva Club Deep Dive: Monday 17th June and Wednesday 19th May 3-5pm AEST

 (Duration: 4 hours total learning!)

  • You're loving Canva, you're confident using it, but you know there's so much more you could do with it; you've got skills, but you need your brand to shine brighter.

The Canva Club Next Steps is perfect for you if you're a:

  • Small Business Owner wanting your brand to stand out, are already nailing Canva but want your brand to shine MORE.
  • Entrepreneurs eager to make their brand's online presence as dynamic and engaging as their business vision.
  • Anyone ready to transform your brand's digital facade into a shining light of uniqueness and professionalism.

What you'll learn & what you'll get: 
Canva Club Deep Dive ~ Advanced Design Skills 👑
Duration: 4 hours
- Crafting personalised brand templates for consistency for your brand's story
- Advanced branding techniques to showcase your USP
- Develop a unique template series for your brand
- Streamlining your design process with Canva integrations and automations
- Enhancing productivity without compromising creativity
- Implement a Canva integration that suits your business needs
- Introduction to Canva's Apps and Integrations: Improving your designs with enhanced functionality
- How to use apps to add dynamic elements like GIFs, videos, or graphic effects to your designs
- Efficiency & streamlining workflow
- Open Q&A session

- Showcase and feedback: Reviewing people's creations
- Continuing your Canva journey
- Access to the recordings via Google Drive. 

Got more questions? Send us an email! 

Click BUY now! Limited places available so personalised attention for all is guaranteed! Or ... if you'd like to buy ALL THREE courses, click here for the bundle and save! 

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