August 2021 Meetup ~ Positive, Passionate Women in Business

Who's excited for our August meetup? Get ready for some connecting, sharing, and learning!

You'll already know, from being in our Positive, Passionate Women in Business Facebook group - what's going on with all the online offerings for our members; from the meetups to the #helloyou podcast ... so if you're not already a member, click here to become one now!! We'd love to welcome you into the huddle!

Karen Hillen of My HR Partner, is our guest speaker for this month! So looking forward to hearing her share with us all “Have staff? Want staff? How to ensure you're doing it right” Yaaay I can’t wait!!!!

karen hillen my hr partner ppbw meetup


So, join us on Tuesday 24th August 5-7pm in the Hello Media zoom-room - wine at the ready, or a lovely hot cup of something, and get ready to learn, connect, share and grow! 

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Fancy offering a lucky wheel prize? Get lots of promotion for your offering as we give you multiple shoutouts pre and post-event AND SEO backlinks!!

Here are our AUGUST lucky wheel prizes!

Prizes: Hello Media Elephant in the Room Consulting Goodness Me Nutrition Make-it-Local TickEase Australia  

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