Positive, Passionate Business Women: Connect~Grow~Give

Women supporting women in life and business is something I'm passionate about ... there's so much more that we can do when we work TOGETHER!

This group is for women in business who want to positively attract the right clients, audience, and/or customers TO us (not chase them!)
Together we can create enormous change in our businesses and sparkle!

The world has an abundance of the most amazingly creative and talented businesswomen and by tapping into the group’s collective wisdom, we can create a positive, passionate and supportive space where we can all lift each other up, and learn from each other.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, have been in business for years, are a start up, a solopreneur, thinking about a business idea, working for a large company, working for a small local business ... if you're ready for connection with other like-minded women, we welcome you to join Positive, Passionate Business Women to CONNECT, GROW & GIVE!

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If you'd like to take the next step and attend our online meetups and get awesome perks, you're invited to become a VIP member of our huddle with a 12-month membership!

As a VIP member you're part of the huddle!

👉 Exclusive access to our monthly online meetups with a guest speaker hand-picked for learning and growth.

👉 Shoutouts on our Facebook page & Facebook group, + Instagram Stories

👉 Private Huddle Facebook group ~ promote yourself, support others, give value & learn.

👉 Exposure through our #helloyou podcast + on our YouTube channel

👉 Opportunity to donate a lucky wheel prize at our online Meetups ~ showcase your product or service offerings plus a BACKLINK ~ the SEO magic sauce

👉 Promote your product or service offerings in our open-to-all Facebook group and in our huddle group 

👉 Referral Programme ~ For each member who joins the huddle because of your introduction, they’ll receive a 10% discount off their first year of membership when they use YOUR PERSONAL discount code at checkout and YOU’LL receive an extra month added on to your membership!

The history of our women's networking group

Back in 2002 The Bangalow Business Women’s Networking Group was formed by a small but brilliant group, lead by Suellen Donnelly, to gather business women to discuss, learn & share with a focus on connecting women in business to network, collaborate, create & support one another through their business journey.

After 16 years with a myriad of amazing women serving on its voluntarily-run committee the monthly meetings took a pause throughout 2018 due to a drastically dwindled committee to run it. I couldn't see it just disappear after 17 years of existence, so to honour those who served before me (and all those who served alongside me during the 9 years I was on the committee) I re-birthed it, under a different name, with a different structure, but with the same intention: For women to support each other in business through networking events and more.

In 2020 we moved our meetups online (ummm y'all will know why!) which was actually AWESOME because it meant we could connect with so many more like-minded women from near and far (like, not just around Australia but overseas, too!) and through 2021 we're remaining online .... but watch this space as we plan to introduce in-person Meetups in various locations further afield.

I look forward to welcoming you into the huddle! In the meantime, you can join our open Facebook group for all positive, passionate business women (not required to be a financial huddle member).

Kylie Mowbray-Allen x

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