November 2021 Meetup ~ Positive, Passionate Women in Business

The countdown is on for our November 2021 meetup! Get ready for some connecting, sharing, and learning!

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Julie Cliff of Space and Time, is our VIP guest speaker for this month! 

Declutter coach Julie Cliff helps people live far less stressful lives by coaching them to declutter and get organised at home. Her services are loved by women pulling their hair out because there’s stuff all over their home and their to-do list is overwhelming and this stress anxiety spills out into their business. Join us as Julie shares her tips to take back control from our stuff!

I'm looking forward to learning tips to declutter so the mess doesn't spill out into the rest of my life! So come, relax and enjoy the Meetup with VIP guest speaker, Julie Cliff. So looking forward to this! Yaaay I can’t wait!!!!


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Monday 22nd November 5-7pm AEDT in the Hello Media zoom-room - wine at the ready, or a lovely hot cup of something, and get ready to learn, connect, share and grow! 

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Post-Event Summary:

Julie Cliff was an amazing speaker - I thoroughly enjoyed (as did everyone else!) learning from her! These are my top takeaways from the evening;

Common problems for people are they don't know where to start, that there's not enough time in a day, and "but I might need it one day" which is definitely my biggest issue!

These are the top three points that resonated with me:

1. Stop the stuff!

  • It's overwhelming
  • More to clean
  • More to organise
  • More to manage
  • Over stimulating

Instead of BUYING, try these alternatives:

  • Gift vouchers
  • Donation to charity
  • Buy quality toys or products over throwaway single-use products
  • Only buy it if it fits!
  • Take a list with you, and stick to it
  • Unsubscribe to unnecessary newsletters. 

2. Commitment to being organised:

  • Time
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Persistence

3. Sort the stuff

  • Schedule ME time
  • Double your time available  by staying focused and saying NO!

Maintenance: Return items straight away. Know yourself - choose a time of day that suits your energy levels. Be accountable!!!

My a-ha moments of the evening:

1. The memories aren't in the item, they're inside of you.

2. Take a photo of your child with their artwork and recycle it. 

3. If you didn't already own it, would you go out of your way to buy it???

What an amazing amount of info I have to process now ... if you want to connect with Julie Cliff of Space and Time, find here in all these places;


See you next month - if you'd like to become and join us, click here

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