January 2022 Meetup ~ Positive, Passionate Women in Business

Wooohooooo and welcome to 2022 and our first online meetup of the year! Join us for our January 2022 zoom sesh and let's celebrate each other, and the year ahead - as we connect, laugh, network and spread joy!

Our guest speaker is Melonie Taylor of Success on Purpose, and she's talking on;

Let 2022 BE your Year of Miracles! 

Why we burnout and how to prevent it. Identify your top goal and create the momentum and Create your Miracle Morning for consistent thriving energy!

success on purpose melonie taylor


The details:

Wednesday 19th January 5-7pm AEDT in the Hello Media zoom-room - wine or tea (or whatever is your drink of choice) and be ready for inspiration!

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Here are our JANUARY lucky wheel prizes!

Prizes: Hello Media, Elephant in the Room Consulting, Knicked, Success on Purpose Helmet Brims Terrie Stanhope - doTERRA Feng Shui and More Space and Time

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