Top Tip Tuesday ~ ZOOM etiquette!

So many of you are running ZOOM calls and webinars, and while we think that our audience knows the etiquette for Zoom, in actual fact, many don't! It's so new for many, and in this current climate we need to help and support each other as much as possible.

Here are my four top tips for zoom etiquette:

  1. Enter the Zoom webinar with your camera on so speakers can see you (you'll be asked to turn it off if required).
  2. Put your mic on mute so you don't interrupt others listening, after the initial HELLO and WELCOME.
  3. Put you hand up if you have a question and wait your turn (remember when you were back in school 😉)
  4. Speakers: react to the visual audience feedback

The last one is super important for things like breaks. If you see someone get up out of shot, take the opportunity to ask if anyone else needs to take a break. No matter how short you think your talk is due to run.

There is a reason why TED talks only go for 18 mins. They are made for an online audience.
I choose to run my regular webinars for 1 hour, but I get people ENGAGING with questions etc, which helps keep them alert!

Remember: People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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