Six must-haves for your website

Before we get started on my top 6 must-have's, there are a few things to consider;

  • Your branding
  • Your platform
  • Your hosting
  • What are you offering?
  • What action do you want people to take?
  • Your story & messages
  • What makes you different from your competitors?
  • Your CTA's

These are no doubt things you've been considering for a long time, whether you're overhauling your current website, or planning the build of a new one.

We're consistently asked WHAT we recommend for website platforms, and WHO we recommend for hosting / domains / everything Google!

Whether you're eCommerce (Shopify is my favourite!) or a business-card style (information based) site (Wix is my favourite for being user-friendly and great customer support!) we highly recommend the hosting company we've been using for 15 years! Brad of XYZulu hosting based right here in Australia, he's the Google guru, too, so anytime we're having an issue we just book a zoom with him, and we're sorted so quickly! I've been recommending clients, friends and family to get in touch with him for over a decade ... he's the hosting / domain / google magician!! 

six must-haves for your website 

OK, so onto the SIX MUST-HAVE'S for your website, no matter what you're selling, who your offering is for, what platform you're building on, and how you help people! 

(1) HEADLINE ... you have just THREE SECONDS when someone lands on your site for them to decide to stay or go, that's all! 

A headline makes all the difference! Whether it's overlayed into your opening slider, or hero image, or whether it's just words on their own, your headline needs to show and tell what makes you unique, and the most desired feature or benefit of your offer or service or product. 

This formula can help get your started!

We do (insert 1 offering here) to help (insert your type of client here) achieve (share end result here) 


  1. Needs to be the first thing your visitor sees when they land, without scrolling anywhere.
  2. Needs to include strong keyword/s that will help with your search visibility.
  3. Needs to be super specific and descriptive with adjectives (examples are...)
  • excellent
  • exceptional
  • high-quality
  • marvellous / fabulous
  • outstanding
  • superb / awesome
  • Keep it short and succinct ~ 6-12 words, max!
  • Test different variations and poll your audience on which one excites them more ~ friends can be very helpful here! Put it out on your Facebook page, or ask in groups, people love to share their opinion on such things! 

(2) CONTACT ~ make it easy for someone to get in touch! Include a form, an email address or phone number, TELL people how you want them to get in touch with you! Make sure you link to all your socials, with call to actions! "Follow us" etc! This image below is on our home page, it's separate to our get in touch page ... in fact, you'll find ways to book zoom calls, get in touch, email, sign up to our newsletter, follow our socials - all over our website! 

hello media example contact us get in touch

Testimonials or proof that what you do or sell helps people get results are so important! Remember, people believe what OTHER people say about you and your product or service, more than they believe what YOU say about it! Include as many testimonials as you can!

63% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a site that has ratings or reviews. So, showcase them!

(4) SIGN UP!

Capture your website visitors and turn them into email subscribers. I could talk about the importance of growing your email database until the cows come home ... but you could start by reading this blog "25 top tips to grow your email database" or this blog "7 reasons Email Marketing is absolutely VITAL for your business"! 


Your content is likely to be across a number of other platforms - from your social accounts (which you don't own!), to your podcast, eventbrite or Meetup (and many more, I'm sure!), plus internally to your top blogs, your best selling products or services etc. Link to them, make them easy to navigate to!

hello media instagram


Fill your site with invites for visitors to get in touch, learn more, shop here, join your list, download your free ebook, etc. 

What experience are you giving your visitors? 

Count the clicks it will take for a brand new visitor to GET IN TOUCH or LEARN MORE with your or BUY YOUR PRODUCT. 

Every extra click, is the chance for them to click away.

What's my call-to-action at the end of this blog, well, you'll have noticed there are many woven throughout, from links to read other blog posts, to booking a zoom discovery call! So I'll finish with that invite, if you'd like to get in touch and explore our coaching programme, let's have a chat first - and see if we're a good fit! Click here to book a time that suits you! 

know-like-trust factor free downloadable

... and in case you missed that pop-up, and you would love to have that eBook! Click here and its yours :) 

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