Google My Business transformed into Google Business Profile!

Did you know, that 30% of your SEO comes from optimising your GBP (FKA GMB!) #acronymmania

Google My Business was what we all knew it as, but in early 2022 GMB officially changed to Google Business Profile.

Have you CLAIMED your Google Business Profile? If you have, have you OPTIMISED your listing? SO MANY businesses I come across have claimed their listing, but not done anything with it.

Today, your business cannot be without your BUSINESS LISTING in Google (and Maps) search results. A business listing on Google now generates 28 times more contacts than a website! So if you haven't set up your website yet, get stuck into your Google Business Profile, then when you have the time, set up your website. 

Apparently, Google My Business was a brand name that did not exactly reflect the usefulness of the tool, so the name “Business profile” represents the tool’s in Google My Business that are offered ... and there are LOADS! 

Some refer to Google Business Profile as literally your business’ online business card, but I think it's so much more than that!

Hello Media incognito google business profile



google business profile hello media

There are so many free resources in your Google Business Profile listing, and one that I highly recommend that ALL businesses set up (also, this is commonly the one that most forget!!) are the PRODUCTS & SERVICES features. Even for the service based business, you turn those services into products! They feature very prominently in the Google Business Profile section where you can actually promote what it is that you do!

Unfortunately, too many business owners haven't claimed their profile yet, so hop on over and go and claim your profile ~ it's super easy to do and is one of the most important assets that Google gives us, and a lot of people are missing out on ~ so go set yours up! 

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