4 Simple Steps To Set Up Instagram Shopping

Did you know that you can now connect your online store to Instagram? G A M E   C H A N G E R !!!


Want to know how? Follow these 4 simple steps to set up Instagram Shopping and get access to features like shopping tags.


how to set up instagram shopping easy guide

Step 1: Make sure that you are eligible to set up Instagram Shopping.

You're eligible if you can answer yes to ALL these questions:

    1. Is your business located in a supported market?
    2. Does your business sell physical goods?
    3. Does it comply with Instagram's commerce policies?
    4. Is your Instagram account a business account?
    5. Is your account connected to a Facebook page?


    Step 2: Connect your Instagram account to a product catalogue.

    You have two options to do this:


    Option 1: You can use Catalogue Manager.

    This is the do-it-yourself method and you can find it within Facebook's Business Manager. You can either create a new catalogue, or connect to an existing one. However, if you want to use the product tags feature, you MUST select an eCommerce catalogue.


    Option 2: Use an eCommerce Partner.

    Another option is through Facebook's certified eCommerce partners like our favourite ... Shopify!


    Step 3: Sign up to the Instagram app.

    As soon as you've connected your catalogue to your Instagram business account, your next step is to go to the Instagram app and sign up for Shopping. You can find it in your profile's setting under Business.






    Simply follow the prompts, then send your account for review. It usually takes a few days or more before you get approved. Just check Shopping to view your status from time to time.


    Once approved, Instagram will then notify you to complete the set up of your account in Shopping to start using the product tagging feature in your post and stories.


    Step 4: Create your first shopping tags post.

    To tag your products from your catalogue to your Instagram post, follow these steps:

      1. Upload a photo to your Instagram profile
      2. Add a caption and other details as you normally do
      3. Tap "Tag Products"
      4. Tap the photo
      5. Search for the product
      6. Select the product
      7. Tap "Done"
      8. Tap "Share"


      Voila! You just posted your first ever Instagram post using the product tags feature. Get ready for an increase in SALES ... this is such an awesome feature!!!!

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