The power of purpose in business

Many of us share a strong inclination towards volunteering and helping others. Yet, it's crucial to balance this with the practical needs of life and business. By examining into values, core needs, and beliefs, we can achieve a fruitful alignment that ensures growth and satisfaction. Through an insightful conversation, let's unravel these elements and their implications in our personal and professional lives.


Values act as our compass, guiding our actions and decisions. Our core needs often influence these values. If these two aspects are out of sync, it hampers our personal growth and the evolution of our business. Our values might encompass the environment, spirituality, or financial stability—essentially what drives us.

For example, if someone values their business yet constantly states they don't have enough time, there's an evident misalignment. By realigning values, we can prioritise time for what truly matters.

For 'accidental business owners' who transition from a hobby to a business, it is essential to identify what they value most. This process might involve defining non-negotiables and allowing them to change as per the circumstances, like upskilling and training sessions.

To understand your values, list the top five emotions you wish to experience daily. Identify what impedes these feelings and strategize ways to overcome these obstacles. The same approach is applicable in business, where defining what you want to see in your venture helps in aligning your actions with your values.

Core Needs

The concept of six core needs is universal, encompassing certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth, and contribution. These needs fuel every human behaviour, and understanding them helps us choose more fulfilling paths.

Significance and contribution often serve as the driving force for individuals and businesses. It is the desire to make a difference, to contribute beyond oneself, and to grow and evolve that defines our purpose. However, this should be balanced with self-preservation and ensuring that we don't overextend ourselves.

This balance between earning a living and the urge to volunteer is challenging to achieve, yet imperative. It's crucial to recognise when you're depleting your energy or resources, and to reorient yourself towards self-care. It doesn't negate your generous spirit but simply recharges you to contribute more effectively.


Just like our core needs, we all harbor certain beliefs unconsciously, which often include fears about our worth, our lovability, and our sense of belonging. In business, these beliefs may manifest as comparisons with others or imposter syndrome.

Understanding that everyone has these fears can help you recognise your own and develop strategies to overcome them. Beliefs are formed from repeated thoughts and can become ingrained in our subconscious, dictating our actions and perceptions.

To harness the power of purpose effectively in business, it's essential to articulate your purpose and communicate it effectively. This not only attracts like-minded clients but also ensures you're aligned with your goals.


The power of purpose is indeed remarkable. It defines the 'why' of your actions and serves as the foundation for your 'how'. The challenge lies in recognising and staying true to this purpose, thereby attracting the right clientele and creating a business that is not only successful but also fulfilling and aligned with your deepest values and beliefs.


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