Setting boundaries and maintaining business

In the world of business, relationships are everything. Whether you're presenting at a conference, attending awards, or even just networking online, the way you connect and maintain those connections can make or break your success.

Take, for instance, the experience of meeting brand new people at a conference. Margaret Reed, the CEO and founder of a conference, reached out to a speaker after following them for 15 years. This is a testament to the power of long-term connections and the importance of boundaries in maintaining them.

When presenting at a conference, how do you ensure that the audience remembers you? Jenny, a seasoned presenter, shared her experience. She realized the importance of having a QR code for LinkedIn, especially when the audience is primarily from professional organizations. The simple act of connecting on LinkedIn during a presentation can lead to meaningful business relationships.

However, it's not just about online connections. Physical events, like awards ceremonies, provide a unique opportunity to connect with fellow business owners and industry leaders. For example, the upcoming Roar Success Awards in Sydney is a prime example of this. The event is not just about winning an award; it's about networking, learning from others, and building lasting relationships.

One strategy is to focus on VIP events where key decision-makers, like judges, are present. Connecting with these individuals can provide insights into the industry and open doors to new opportunities. But it's also essential to have a game plan. Knowing who you want to meet, how you'll connect, and maintaining those connections post-event is crucial.

In today's digital age, boundaries extend beyond physical interactions. Online platforms, especially social media, play a significant role in business networking. However, there's a fine line between personal and professional online presence. It's essential to set boundaries on what you share publicly and what remains private.

For those working from home, boundaries also play a role in how you present your business. Whether it's deciding which parts of your home clients see or how you engage with them online, setting clear boundaries ensures professionalism and maintains the integrity of your brand.

In conclusion, whether you're presenting at a conference, attending an awards ceremony, or just networking online, setting boundaries and maintaining business relationships are crucial for success. It's about understanding your audience, knowing how to connect, and ensuring those connections are meaningful and long-lasting. As business owners, we must continually evolve, learn, and adapt to ensure we're building and maintaining the right relationships for our growth and success. 

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