Demystifying the voice to parliament

The Facts

The Voice to Parliament referendum is scheduled for October 14th in Australia. The aim? A constitutional amendment to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice in the Australian Parliament. Jenny, an Indigenous woman from Northern Rivers, New South Wales, says, "I feel like it's really important that I understand it from both sides, both points of view."

Quick Facts:

  • The referendum is scheduled for October 14th.
  • An Indigenous perspective adds valuable authority to the discussion.
  • Misinformation and confusion are prevalent surrounding the referendum.
  • The goal is to amend the constitution to include an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice in Parliament.
  • Individual choice and understanding the issue are key before casting your vote.

What it is and isn’t

Jenny clarifies that the referendum aims to achieve three things:

  1.  Establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voice.
  2. Allow that voice to make representations to the government on matters relating to Indigenous people.
  3. Empower the parliament to make laws concerning Indigenous people.

"It's not for us to put that detail into this piece; this is simply making three changes to the Constitution," Jenny adds. She also distinguishes between the referendum and a treaty, stating, "Treaty is about recognizing sovereignty and there's layers of treaty because there are 500 plus Nations and descendants of those Nations that exist in Australia."

Key Takeaways:
The referendum aims to achieve three specific things related to Indigenous representation and law-making.
The referendum is not about treaty or detailed plans but about creating an opportunity for Indigenous voices to be heard.
Treaty is a separate but complex issue that involves recognizing the sovereignty of Indigenous people.

An Indigenous Perspective

The need for community engagement and consultation is especially significant for Aboriginal communities. There are public misconceptions about the "voice," such as claims that it could lead to racism or communism. In reality, the "voice" is designed to provide Aboriginal people with an opportunity to speak to their government representatives and Parliament about the impact of laws.

Making an informed choice in the upcoming vote is crucial. It's essential to read both sides of the argument. Be considerate, kind, and respectful in your decision-making, rather than leaving it to chance on the day of the vote.

As the Voice to Parliament referendum approaches, it's crucial to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter. Jenny, an Indigenous voice in this conversation, reminds us that this is about more than just ticking a box; it's about creating a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices to be heard in the Australian Parliament.

In Jenny's words, "This is about opportunity, just to have a different conversation. We should be brave enough as a country and as a society to have that conversation." So, let's be brave, let's be informed, and let's make choices that reflect the diverse tapestry that is Australia.


Remember, your vote is your voice. Make it count this October 14th! 🗳️✨


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