5 things to do each week to run a thriving business

As a business owner, the key to maintaining a flourishing enterprise lies in a relentless commitment to regular assessment and enhancement of your operations. Here are five indispensable activities to incorporate into your weekly routine:

1. Strategic planning and review

Strategic planning and review is crucial to understanding your business goals, identifying gaps and opportunities, and creating a business model that allows you to thrive and capitalize on those opportunities. It is essential to check in weekly to ensure that your activities align with your strategic goals and that you are not being derailed by distractions. As one business owner mentioned, "Strategic planning and review is so critical for continual success and continual improvement." 

2. Customer engagement

Engaging with your customers is key to understanding their needs and feedback. Whether through reviews on Google, Facebook, or email, it is vital to monitor customer feedback regularly. But beyond just analyzing reviews, it is essential to touch base with your clients directly. This could be through a coffee meeting, a call, or even a chat on messenger. Regularly connecting with your clients helps you understand whether they are satisfied with your services and if there are any areas for improvement.

3. Business development

Business development is crucial to the growth of your business. This includes not only sales but also expanding your skill set and offerings. Continuously growing your business requires an active effort every week.
"When we think about business development, it's growth of the business as a whole. So it's not just you, it's not just your staff. It's not just your clients, it's looking at how we can continually grow our business."

4. Personal and professional growth

Personal and professional growth go hand in hand when it comes to running a successful business. Recognizing your worth, setting boundaries, and learning to say yes and no are all part of the personal and professional development necessary for business success. 
"Your business, particularly when you start, is a reflection of you. If you're a bit discombobulated, then your business is probably going to be that too."

5. Delegation and process improvement

Delegation and process improvement are essential for business growth.
"You cannot hold on to everything all the time." Delegation is about sharing the load rather than passing off undesirable tasks. This includes delegating tasks to a virtual assistant (VA), which can significantly improve your business operations.In terms of process improvement, it is crucial to evaluate your processes weekly and identify areas for increased efficiency.

In conclusion, achieving success in business is not a one-time effort, but a continuous pursuit that demands consistent dedication across various dimensions. From the meticulous crafting of strategic plans to the proactive engagement with customers, from the relentless drive for business development to the commitment to personal and professional evolution, and from the effective delegation to the relentless pursuit of process improvement - investing time weekly in these five key areas can significantly elevate your business success.

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