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3x 1:1 Personalised Coaching Sessions ~ 60-mins each

3x 1:1 Personalised Coaching Sessions ~ 60-mins each

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When you buy 3x 1:1 personalised coaching sessions with Kylie on zoom in advance, you get a discounted rate! Let's get your business really buzzing, plus you get a recording of each session with actionable items.

    Your investment is just $956.25 (ex. GST) and includes;
      • 3x 60-mins coaching sessions, working on your business with Kylie.
        • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Content Creation, Branding, Hashtags, Graphics Creation, Email Marketing, Blogs, E-commerce stores, decision making, pricing products, moving to wholesale, or any aspects of Digital Marketing are all just ideas for topics you might like to cover.
        • A link to re-watch the recording of the session, so you can work through your actionable items and homework!
      • You can invite up to two extra colleagues into the session with you, at no extra charge, if they're in your organisation

      • You can invite 1 extra person into the sessions with you if they are outside of your organisation if you're both wanting coaching on the same topic.

    Book these 1:1 individualised sessions now at a discount of 15% off the individual price ... your business (and you!) will thank you for it. (A single 1:1 session is $375)

    If you know you need more, explore the idea of our BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD-level coaching programmes with Kylie Mowbray-Allen

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