March 2022 Meetup ~ Positive, Passionate Women in Business

Join us for our March 2022 zoom sesh and let's celebrate each other - as we connect, laugh, network and spread joy!

Our guest speaker is Sally Jess of The Stylish Home Decorator, and she's talking on;

Create a Home You'll Love

Sally will share three key elements to creating a home that you will love.

Sally Jess The Stylish Home Decorator


The details:

Monday 21st March 5-7pm AEDT in the Hello Media zoom-room - wine or tea (or whatever is your drink of choice) and be ready for inspiration!

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Post-Event Summary:

Sally Jess was an amazing speaker - I thoroughly enjoyed (as did everyone else!) learning from her! These are my top takeaways from the evening;


Common problems for people are they don't know where to start when designing their home as I do. 

These are the top three elements that can be used to create your space:

1. Position

-So the first step is to position so position is the key. Focus on a focal point. 

2. Balance

-when arranging furniture balance is always important in decorating and never more so when arranging furniture and other items in your home space. Consider the size and placement of various pieces, making sure not to group all large or small items in one area or to one side of the room because this can actually make your space feel a bit lopsided, unsettled. Also make sure that there's variety and shapes so if you're got a straight line seating area for example, you can add around a coffee table which is going to add a bit more feature to that space as well.

3. Traffic and flow

-create a clear path so people can walk from one end to the other end of the room as well without difficulty and also having that traffic flow and having that spacing set out right correctly.  if you've got you've got energy that flows through the room as well. So we want to make sure that we've actually got our furniture pieces that are positioned correctly to allow the furniture other sorry, the energy to flow through so don't put in front of doorways, you know, have your beats or your couches because that's going to block that negative energy too.

My a-ha moments of the evening:

1. Always consider the colour or motif that you like.

2. Take a photo of your trophies or awards that makes your home crowded and place it in an album or frame.

3. Position, Balance and traffic are the things need to consider the most.

What an amazing amount of info I have to process now ... if you want to connect with Sally Jess of The Stylish Home Decorator, find here in all these places;


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