July 2020 Meetup ~ Positive, Passionate Women in Business

Our July speaker for our online Meetup of Positive, Passionate Women in Business is Erin Hardy, "The Excel Lady". (also known as The data nerd!!!) 
The topic of the evening is, "HOW TO UNDERSTAND YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS" ... 

Does the thought of looking at your social media analytics make you screw up your face up in pain??! Does it give you intense levels of anxiety??? Do you want to know more about the topic?

You know you need to!!!! 

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Erin knows the importance and value of managing time efficiently and productively in order to balance her many responsibilities. Her passion for efficiency led her to the business of designing effective business solutions, automating processes and creating ease in our work lives.

Erin is an awesome positive, passionate businesswoman, being down to earth with a quirky nature - we love her, and we know you will too! Erin’s passion for data and how it can help support work and life decisions and pursuits is how she was nicknamed the data nerd!!!!! She’s able to turn a dull subject into something shiny and fun! We can't wait to hear from her on the 21st July, and make sure you've RSVP'd so you can join us! (You'll receive your secret link to access the live meetup on the morning of the event!)

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