29 rad smartphone apps to make business life easier

I'm stoked to share my favourite apps with you, that are great for business & will definitely simplify your life!

Apps change a lot. That can be kind of annoying. Sometimes the developers continue to work on them to make them better, sometimes we prefer the original! So, what I'm sharing today, might not necessarily be the apps I'm using tomorrow!

BUT I'll endeavour to regularly update this blog post, as new apps are released onto the market all the time that I'm trying out, so make sure you join my Hello Media Facebook group where I share resources and tools all the time!

Here are my CURRENT top apps that I use nearly every day!

Enjoy setting it all up - it's worth the time, I promise!

Getting social and communicating

Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Google My Business (GMB) ~ Pinterest

social media tools and apps

 YouTube ~ Messenger ~ FB Pages Manager ~ Whatsapp

Top tips:

  • If you like managing your FB business page from your phone, do yourself a favour and get the Facebook Pages Manager app! It will save you SO MUCH TIME! No distractions from anywhere else on FB!!!
  • GMB - update this weekly at the very least! (If you're not already set up - do this on your desktop)

Creating graphics & cool content

 Wordswag ~ Storyswag ~ Snapseed ~ LongStoryShort

creating graphics with photo and video editing tools and apps

Typorama ~ Videorama ~ Canva ~ PicPlayPost

Top tips:

  • Just a little note on Canva - the desktop version is much easier to use, but they have a newly updated app which is better already! Stay tuned - I'm sure it will improve out of sight!
  • Videorama is fun for creating little promo video's, but I still recommend using inVideo on your desktop if you want to create super-rad stuff!

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Project Management tools & cool things

Otter.ai ~ CamScanner ~ 1Password

project management app

Asana ~ Dropbox ~ Google Drive

  • Otter.ai ~ transcribe your meeting notes in realtime
  • CamScanner - scan documents
  • 1Password - password manager. It provides a place for users to store various passwords, software licenses, and other sensitive information in a virtual vault
  • Asana - team-based work management
  • Dropbox - upload and transfer files to the cloud, and share with anyone
  • Google Drive - file storage and synchronization

Top tips:

  • I couldn't live without these 6 in my business! 
  • Try them out - some require setting up on desktop first. Game-changers!!!!

 Emails & scheduling appointments

 Mailchimp ~ Gmail ~ Google calendar ~ Calendly

email management and marketing tools and apps

  • Mailchimp ~ Manage and talk to your clients!
  • Gmail - manageyour email
  • G-cal (google calendar) - time-management and scheduling calendar
  • Calendly - meeting scheduling

Top tips:

  • Emails, newsletters - all of this is important and the way in which you communicate is vital (and so important to be growing your email database, not just your social media channels!)
  • Remember - you OWN your email database, and you don't own your socials. So grow this and send out great newsletters that match your brand and make you stand out!
  • Set up all your calendly links for clients and then see how easy it is to make appointments!
  • As you grow your business and reach more people, you need to simplify your systems, and Calendly is great for this!
  • G-cal integrates brilliantly with zoom (and Calendly!) so this is my calendar system of choice. There are loads of others out there though!


Random extras!

Notes ~ Shopify ~ Bitmoji 

shopify and note taking tool and app

Top tips:

  • Notes ~ sync's with notes on your desktop
  • Shopify ~ Cha-ching! Love that sound when a customer buys your stuff!
  • Bitmoji ~ When you need to express your personality!


Showcase who you are, be there for your clients & give value! Have systems in place that all connect together so that you're automating what you can.

These are just 29 of my favourite apps to help my business life easier ... but I have way more! I LOVE operating from my phone!

When you can operate a huge portion of your business from your PHONE, you can be SUPER PRODUCTIVE even when you're waiting for an appointment, or at school pick up!



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