Apple's iOS 14 release ~ how is this going to affect Facebook ads and reporting?

Apple's iOS 14 update ~ how will it affect advertisers in terms of facebook ads and reporting?

There's one thing that's for sure when it comes to social media - nothing is permanent! One of my favourite sayings is, THE ONLY CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE and that's so apt when it comes to social media!!! Not all changes are awesome, but it's a free platform, we need to roll with the punches, and embrace the changes and adapt as quickly as possible. 

A few months back, Facebook announced on their Business Help Centre regarding the release of Apple's iOS 14 update, and how we'll all be affected in terms of Facebook ads and reporting. There's been a lot of stress and panic from gazillions of people, so we'd like to share in a simple way, what the changes are, what you can expect, and links to help you move forward. 

Apple's iOS 14 update


Here are some of the changes you should look out for:

  1. App Advertising Changes  

Back in 2018, Apple introduced 'SKAdNetwork' API. The main purpose of this concept was to increase the security and privacy of users who installed mobile applications.

With the release of Apple's iOS 14, SKAdNetwork will affect and will impact the way we use Facebook advertising. This concept is going to be used by Facebook in order to do app advertising on all iOS 14 devices. It will restrict, aggregate, or delay all app event data. And if that's not a little concerning to you, the reporting of events in the iOS 14 will be delayed up to three days after an app is installed too. Hmmmm ... watch this space, we'll share updates and reports on this as the changes take place and people learn to work with the new changes. 


2. Mobile Web Advertising Changes
Due to Apple's Private Click Measurement protocol for web attribution, it will be really challenging to track transactions or sales made via an iOS 14 device. 
If a person from a different country sees your ad and clicks it, any purchase or transaction made would not be properly tracked because of the restricting protocol of PCM (Private Click Measurement).

However, you can always check back with Facebook's Resource Centre on solutions to counter this. 


3. Optimisation and Targeting Changes

With the iOS 14 update, advertisers are only allowed up to eight conversion events sent through pixels per domain for optimisation. 


4. No Supported Breakdowns

Age, gender, region and placement breakdowns will not be supported anymore for both app and web conversions.


5. New Business Manager Tool Setup

The Facebook Business Manager has a change in interface design because Facebook cannot have a separate interface for both Android and iOS.


What can you do? According to Facebook, you can take action on the following:

We'll be sharing more as it all unfolds ... keep checking back, and in the meantime, join our Facebook group where we share what's going on in the world of digital marketing!

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