3 Clever Ways to Get Found by Customers Online

All businesses survive on the window of opportunity that appears between customers realising they have a desire, and the fulfilment (or rejection) of it. So how do you ensure you're noticeable in that window, and convince customers to indulge in the idea through you?

The answer: personalisation and persuasion. 

We are going to focus on getting YOU discovered, how to produce engaging content that customers will trust and so much more, taking you and your business from hidden gems to shining digital stars.

Embracing the digital spotlight is not just possible, it's your next big move!


Customer Experience Stats You NEED to Know in 2024

To be a seller, you need to understand your buyers. That includes their priorities, decision making processes and what they find engaging. This is how you get noticed in the discovery window, which is CRUCIAL if you want to grow!

So how do customer experience and discovery play a part in the buying process?

Well, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience and, as a result, 45.9% of companies are prioritising customer service first, ahead of products (33.6%) and pricing (20.5%). 

Customer experience also influences on-the-spot purchasing, too - as research shows 49% of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalised experience.

The reality is that customer psychology and buying habits is based on brand interaction, which increases future purchase decisions. If you have great established customer service, you hold your spot in that window of opportunity, becoming a brand customers keep coming back to. You just need to be present in the initial discovery stage.

Discovery Stage: What Is It And Why Care?

Discovery is the first stage of the buying process, when people are searching different online platforms to find the best product - or really, solution - to their problem.

Today, social media is one of the biggest influences of the discovery stage, with potential customers trusting users' and influencers' recommendations and feedback like you would with any close friend. People also enter online communities to connect with others and seek advice. 

As a business, following these changes in the customer journey is crucial to being found in the discovery stage. You can do this by providing an online space that encourages discussions and insights, reward loyal customers and foster a sense of community and support. After all, the long-term goal in being discoverable is to gain loyal customers that act as brand advocates.


So, as promised, here are 3 Clever Ways to Get Found by Customers Online

Tip 1: Unleash Your Inner Hero - The Power of Storytelling

Stories are able to connect with others on a different level. Think about it - no one just wants to buy something without thought, we want to connect on that human level, share the highs and lows we've experienced and ultimately feel like we're talking to a friend who understands us and our problems. 

To craft your own story, identify your own journey. Why did you make your business? What problems does it solve? How did you get here? Share the trials and triumphs you think your target audience can connect to. By fleshing out your brand's voice, you'll foster deeper connections with potential customers that puts you at the forefront of their mind when they have the problem you solve.

Weave this story into different aspects of your digital presence, such as on the 'About Us' section of your website, as a story time post on your socials, wherever you think your audience will engage with it the best!

Tip 2: The SEO Treasure Map - Uncovering Keywords and Formats That Sparkle

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is your shortcut into your ideal customers algorithms. Find out the phrases and questions they need answers to most (find out how here) and answer them with the key terms. You can also analyse top-ranking content to find the formula that gets them to the top for your target market.

To ensure you're getting a wide enough reach, diversify your content. Make SEO-rich blog posts, videos, infographics, or any from of media your target audience will engage with, and find the right mix that works for your brand. This may take a bit of time, but it will be so effective for your discoverability online. 


Tip 3: Crafting Content with Purpose

Ensure every piece of content you create serves your audience's needs and desires. Always go back to who your target market is, cater to their questions, habits and interests and analyse your reach to know what is most effective. Really, just focus on being RELEVANT to them!

If you want a deeper dive on this tip, check this out next.

Whats next?

Connecting with your audience is the best thing you can do for your brand, so take the leap and start implementing these tips.

Remember that every big journey starts with small, consistent steps – and the digital marketing journey is no different. One day though, you'll look back and see just how much progress you've made.

If you need more help, or are still daunted by the world of online marketing, don't worry, we're here for you! Engage with us for more personalised guidance, join our community of thriving business owners, or simply start by telling your story in a FREE strategy chat today!

You've got this, and we're here to help you shine!

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