Why you need to be on THREADS!

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a new social media platform has emerged that challenges the traditional norms of social networking and encourages genuine connections and conversations. It's called Threads. If you haven't heard of it or joined it yet, then you're in for a treat. Let's discover into this new platform and explore why you should consider being part of the Threads community.

What is Threads from Instagram?

Threads is a new social media platform launched by Instagram that is taking the world by storm. It's like a refreshing blast from the past, reminiscent of the good old days of 2009, when social media was about connecting with friends and family, sharing photos and funny memes, and less about the bombardment of ads or the pressure to post specific content.

Threads offer a joyous, light-hearted space that is, at its core, about connection. Many have compared it to Twitter, but the truth is that Threads has its own unique charm and personality. It's not simply a platform for rehashing your Instagram content or spouting out your marketing messages. Instead, it offers a vibrant space for authentic connection and interaction.

To join Threads, you need an Instagram account, as your handle is directly linked to your Instagram username. In a world where we're all looking for meaningful digital connections, Threads offers a break from the sometimes overwhelming complexities of other social media platforms. There are no private messages, no ads (at least not until they hit a billion signups), and no separate feed. It's straightforward, allowing users to post a few words (up to 500 characters), a photo, or a little video.

What to post on Threads

So, you've downloaded Threads and you're ready to start sharing content, but what should you post? Threads is not a space for carefully curated marketing messages. Instead, it's about offering insight into your life or business, sharing quick thoughts, ideas, or even a simple quote.

Threads encourages users to get creative and let their personalities shine through their posts. It's a space to share the less polished, more authentic side of your life or business, making it a great platform for showing the person behind the brand. Whether you're sharing a recent renovation, a funny meme, or a few heartfelt words, Threads encourages authenticity and connection.

One of the features of Threads that users love is the ability to 'rethread' or repost content from others. This allows for the sharing of ideas, creating a more connected and inclusive platform where everyone feels welcomed.

Should You Be on Threads?

Given the popularity and fast growth of Threads (it took just an hour to hit a million users), it's worth considering jumping onboard. However, the question of whether you should be on Threads depends on what you're looking for in a social media platform.

If you're in search of a space that prioritises connection over curation, where you can be authentic and candid without the pressures often associated with other platforms, then Threads could be a great fit. If you value meaningful digital connections and want a platform that lets you show the person behind the brand, Threads offers a refreshing opportunity.

Threads is an open platform that's growing fast. Even if you're not ready to be active yet, it's worth claiming your handle and creating a holding post. This not only prevents anyone else from taking your handle but also allows others who find you on Threads to discover your Instagram or other social platforms.

In conclusion, Threads is a social media platform that brings us back to the root of why social media was created in the first place: connection. It’s a fun, light-hearted space where you can let your hair down and interact with your followers in a more relaxed and authentic way. While it’s a different ball game compared to Instagram, it presents a fantastic opportunity for personal connection. Whether you're a business owner or an individual looking for a different kind of social media experience, Threads offers an exciting new space to explore.

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