Bite-size business live podcast ~ Topic: (Re) engaging your clients!

Woohoo! Our 2023 live podcast series "Bite-Size Business" has launched with a wee branding update, and together with my digital BFF, Jenni Walke, we're excited to be back!

January is the perfect time to reset, set new goals and look at your business strengths and new opportunities. It's the time to also decide on what you want to achieve this year.

  • What are you working for or towards?
  • What changes are you looking at making?
  • How are you going to make those changes?
  • What resources do you need?
  • What support do you need?
  • When do you want to you achieve those goals?

One of the most important aspects of every business is the CUSTOMERS or CLIENTS. In this episode, we talked about how to reengage our clients and business. Jenni and I agree that engagement is such an important thing. We both had a digital detox over the Christmas break, which was fabulous! BUT we're now back with renewed energy and we know as well as you know, that being active and consistent on socials is a huge component to the success of businesses now ... so how are you reaching your clients? It's time to think about how your can entice your customers and clients back!

Q: What are we going to do to make sure that they're going to stick with us?

Kylie: “FRESH. Something fresh.Not the same old, same old because things change, and we need to keep changing with it.”

Don't get caught in a rut with the same strategy. We need to do something fresh, mix it up!

I also believe that other than new and fresh, our focus this year needs to be accessible marketing. I wrote this blog about accessible marketing late last year, and it's vital that we all turn our focus to making our businesses more accessible. Google and Meta are pushing this now, and you will be rewarded for accessible marketing in many ways!"

Jenni: “Is your product suite, your services, your pricing models and business model going to enable you to actually achieve your goal? Sitting down having that conversation is a really simple way to get reengaged with your business.

If you can see that you can reach your revenue goals in you know, a quarter of the amount of time, because you've just tweaked something in your product model, that's going to give you motivation to focus and have the time do something else. Or alternatively, you realize, you're overworking in one area, and it's not giving you the return, maybe it's time to change. It's a really good way to reengage with your customers, but also with your business model.

“If you're full of stuff that's blocking your energy, whether it's because you're it's sucking your time in the wrong way, or it's not giving you that return, letting it go actually make space for new opportunities.” (Jenni, Elephant in the Room Consulting)


Q: How do we engage with the products that we're using?

Kylie: “We use Zoom, Asana, Slack, Airtable and so many more platforms... but what are you actually using and what are you really spending because that's something that's really important to take stock of and January is a really important time to overhaul your subscriptions, because that is money going down the drain if you're not actually utilising what you're paying for.”

Jenni: “That's actually one of the tasks for my team before the end of the month is to do that. To sit down and go: What are we paying for what systems do we use? Do we still need them all? You know what a lifetime subscription that can sit there is but we might not use and what and what are the systems that are supporting us? And I think that's such a great important tool. So that kind of technology audit, a product audit your systems audit, but also a reflection on how you're actually showing up and how your team is showing up. And how that's going to reflect on your clients is really important.” 

Summary: It's the way you engage with your team, the way they engage with you, the way that they engage with the outside world, the way that you engage with technology, the way that you engage with your whole business, and your whole branding. Everything is about the way we engage in the world.

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