How to get comfortable with selling!

How to get comfortable with selling

In this episode of our Bite-Size Business live podcast, we're talking about how to get comfortable with selling! It's one of Jenni's (Elephant in the Room Consulting) favourite topics, so I started asking questions!

Q: Share a little bit about the experience you had with sales, and how it's different now?

Jenni: "I think the issue with sales is that people have that kind of image of the door-to-door salesman with the suit, knocking at your front door trying to get you to buy things. When you go into a shop and you feel like you're being sold to or kind of manipulated into buying something that you don't really want."

The thing is; that style of selling is in the past! That's how sales people did things and sold things before, but now ... it's way different!

Jenni shared that when she was still working as a sales director before, their job was actually to match their products and services with the needs of their clients. 

"It's not about selling them something they don't need, it's about providing a solution that's going to meet a need." (Jenni, Elephant in the Room Consulting)

Selling is not about "buy this, buy that!" It's about giving the best solution you could provide for your customer or your potential customer, and how your solution could actually help them solve their problems.

We should start changing the way we view sales. You're not actually selling something, you're actually solving a problem and getting a monetary value in exchange for what you give to your customers.


Kylie: "How it works for me is that I put out FREE stuff i.e free workshops, free webinars, free eBooks, etc, so that people get to see me in action. If that potential customer feels like we're a good connection or they like my vibe, and what I'm saying resonates with them, then they have the option to book a FREE discovery call with me via zoom.

Through that discovery call, I get to show them, in one way, how I might be able to help them in their business, and then it's done!

So, I feel like the selling part has been completely removed. All I do now is show people how I can be of service to them, how I can help them and their business, and that's it! No more sell, sell, sell and asking people to buy my services, but rather, they have the option to accept my solutions to their problems, and choose to continue or not.

It's more organic and less stressful. It'll work out if it's meant to. It's literally taking the stress out of sell, sell, sell, and just turning it into 'how can I help?'

The key part is, you cannot have a business unless you sell. However, there are hundreds of different ways on how you can sell to people; it could be through value exchange, barter, time in lieu, etc. Selling is not only related to money. It's more than that! It's how your business gets revenue. 

The problem why some people are scared when they hear the word "selling" is because they get caught up into the old framework of selling which is to ask people to buy your products/services, rather than to tell people how your products and/or services could help solve their problems. 

Selling is not just the transaction at the end. Selling is a long process - it's a journey. 

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