Branding 101 ~ a strong brand can make any business stand out from the crowd PART 2

In this second part of our deep dive into branding, we explore two crucial facets that play a vital role in building a powerful and resonant brand.

~ Customers, clients and employees can build up emotional attachments to brands

Creating a brand is not just about designing a logo or selecting a catchy name; it is about forging emotional connections with your audience. Your brand's visual symbols, colour scheme, and even its name must align with what resonates with your customers. This emotional resonance is not a fleeting aspect; it is the cornerstone of what keeps a brand strong and relevant.

In a recent conversation around branding, an example was shared that illustrates the pitfalls of being too personal in branding decisions. This underscores a crucial lesson. While it's natural for a business owner to have a personal connection to their brand, one must always view the brand from the customers' perspective. It must primarily resonate with them, while reflecting the business values and current trends. This is the balance that needs to be struck to create a brand that truly stands out from the crowd.

~ Where does your brand sit (professionally) and what do your brand assets say about your brand (psychologically)

The evolution of your brand must align with your professional growth and psychological messaging. It's not just about what your brand says today, but how it can evolve over time to maintain its relevance.

In the conversation, a point was raised about naming a business after oneself, a common practice especially in consulting and photography. While it may make sense initially, this could hinder the future sale of the business or scaling up. As noted:

“If you want to grow a business and have more people working with you and be part of the team, and eventually maybe even, you know, get a partner where they become part of the team as well, and they have some ownership stake in it.” 

Your brand should not just represent the here and now, but also the future. It must align with your long-term vision and have the ability to adapt as your business evolves.

Building a brand is not a static process; it's a dynamic and ever-evolving aspect of your business. Your brand must resonate emotionally with your customers, be in line with current trends, and also be adaptable for future growth. Personal preferences, though important, should never cloud the bigger picture: connecting and resonating with your audience.

From naming to colour schemes, every aspect of your brand must be carefully crafted to tell your story, align with your mission, and captivate your audience. It's not just about standing out from the crowd; it's about building something that grows, adapts, and thrives with your business.

In the world of branding, a strong brand doesn't just stand out; it stands tall and speaks loudly to those who are listening. Are you ready to make your brand speak?


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