Our favourite smartphone apps to help run business

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Smartphone apps makes your work for business more functionality and easier in terms of making paper works, documents, editing, etc.

Here are some of the Smartphone apps for business:

LAST PASS is a great app for managing passwords. It makes it easier to manage your passwords. You don’t have to use chrome pen of passwords and you’ve got control over who’s seeing your passwords. It’s expensive when you’re paying up front for a year but thinking of your passwords, it’s really worth every penny. Click here to download 

XERO is an app for financial system for business. It helps update invoices, make paid invoices and it records expenses when you are out. It speeds up your reconciliations. You can create invoices on the fly, put payments in against invoices, update content and resend reminders. But the biggest one is capturing your expenses in your receipts straight to your phone.                       Click here to download


WISE APP is an app which you can pay all your team and workers through this. It has a great and simple process. It is also good and reliable. What’s great about it is that wise app is functional and multicurrency. The simplicity of doing multicurrency transfers and adding money into the account.              Click here to download


SLACK is the best app to communicate. You can talk, communicate, and connect with your team to share informations. Everyone is aware and updated what’s happening because your message is captured straightaway.  Click here to download

WORD SWAG is an app like a Canva and works on graphics. You can make some graphics on the fly and make quotes easily. Word Swag used to be $3.95 for anyone is a one off purchase. If you’re on Android, it’s still $3.95 as one off purchase but. On iPhone, it’s a monthly subscription so that’s a bit of bummer. Click here to download


It’s actually about the convenience of having the information available for you.




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