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  • Abundance 
  • Flexibility
  • Choice - They have a choice to show up, to work, and to talk.

Business people are used to just pushing through and going. They want to get it done no matter what they're feeling or wherever they are. But knowing your cycle, looking at your calendar will inform you about what you need to do. Business is far more based on how you feel and the connection. 

In networking, it's not just about selling and having to do something and do your pitch. When we talk about networking, we also talk about the intention of others in the room. Networking is about building connections and communities to know everyone else doings. It's really about the making, bringing one being together with the others. 

Sometimes, they come up ideas to connect with other people. They ask themselves,

  • How do I grow my connections?
  • How do I find more people and build tribe and community?
  • How does networking sharp for them?

This gives them the ideas to have some collaborations to other people that can help them to their business.

Business is not only about transactions. Some people move on straightaway if you can't give them some business or support them today. If you look at the business in a transactional way, then you are just building short term connections. Transactions come and go but relationship stays and it builds long term relationships.

The beautiful thing about networking is that it's making an impact and inspiring someone.

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