Clarity and Importance

Clarity and Importance

Hello Media Bite-Size Conversations Clarity and Importance Kylie Mowbray Allen

Resilience is a kind of energy store that you have in your ability to see an opportunity or see a challenge and essentially move past it to create a way or develop strategies to move around.

Building resilience is like building a new strategy, it can be easily developed. It’s a habit you actually create and you have to work on it. It comes from an understanding in some confidence and some clarity around what you are trying to achieve. Knowing the outcome will be and knowing what you’re working, you can build resilience.

Resilience is essentially like a ball of energy. Sometimes, it gets depleted. If you’re constantly pushed and pulled in lots of different ways, whether its family, business, friends, or work, that energy store can get depleted and it can start to get smaller and smaller.


  • Energy doesn’t come from people giving you resilience. What do you need to do is recharge. That’s the way you can store energy. It’s important to give yourself a time to rest and restore the energy that have been depleted. Despite of the challenges you’re facing, you should still have control of yourself, time and how you will respond to it.


1) Recognize when it’s getting low and energy stores are depleted.

2) Know that the feeling of depletion and lack of energy is only temporary.

3) Draw on the people around you. 

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