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Some thinks that the idea of blog is hard. It’s a slog. They don’t look at it as something fun and great to research and get stuck into that stuff. But the really important thing to be aware of is that blogging doesn’t actually need to be crazy long stuff. It can literally be a paragraph. It’s really a good little way for people to start their day. You can talk about different kinds of topic that would also relate to your audience as well. It doesn’t have to be about business. It can be about something that your customers really want to hear.

People often think of a blog as a static thing. It’s something that you write, you put on your website and hope people will see it because it’s a topic they might like. There so many different ways that you could make a content. It’s really the blog a source of inspiration for your contents.


  • First, they had to research their topic. From there, once they came up with a topic they get started. They put a hook in the first paragraph and flesh out the body. Then, come up with a summary. They also need graphics, bullet points, and all the things to break it up. You can’t ever just grab things from other people’s websites, stick it in and not reference them.

Sometimes, it’s 1000 words but it’s always just this very simple, straight forward and almost kind of a reference guide. It’s just about what your customers are looking for when they engage with you.

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