5 Keys to building and maintaining business relationships

In the modern business landscape, relationships play a pivotal role. Contrary to some trending campaigns, relationships aren't about wielding influence and power to dominate the narrative. The essence of building business relationships lies in mutual understanding and sharing of information without overshadowing individual voices. It's not just about the words or brand voice but the genuine opinions and stances a business takes on significant issues.

1. Routinely reach out to important contacts

Keeping long-lasting relationships depends on being consistent.

2. Offer help before you ask for help

Being proactive in assisting others builds goodwill and positive rapport.


3. Ask for feedback

Regular feedback helps in refining your offerings and understanding your stakeholders better.


4. Leverage technology to stay in touch (CRM, email marketing, socials)

Tools like CRM, email marketing, and social media platforms can help maintain regular touchpoints.

5. Educate, don't sell.

People appreciate it when they are given knowledge instead of a sales pitch.

Your brand's identity and its success in forging relationships depend significantly on consistent communication, your brand voice, and the values you champion. People gravitate towards those with whom they share values or goals. A single communication error can result in a loss of trust.

For instance, I recently shared a post highlighting the unethical practices of a certain platform. Despite its divisive nature, it drew attention to an essential issue in the designer community. Sharing such opinions, standing up for others, and voicing out against injustices solidifies a brand's identity and earns trust.

In business relationships, the "know, like, trust" principle holds true. Leveraging technology to amplify your voice, sharing valuable content, and engaging with your audience on platforms can foster a strong connection. The concept of "edutainment," which blends education with entertainment, is a powerful way to offer value and foster engagement.

At the core of every business relationship lies a transaction of value.. It's not necessarily financial but is a mutual give-and-take. Building this trust requires showcasing testimonials, reviews, and leveraging technology effectively.

One cannot emphasize enough the significance of boundaries in business relationships. They need to be set, respected, and managed to ensure both parties benefit from the association.

In wrapping up our discussion on building and maintaining relationships, the importance of engagement on social platforms cannot be ignored. Posting content is just half the task; actively engaging with your audience is crucial. So, always remember: don't just post and ghost. Treat your audience as part of your community and invest in these relationships for sustainable growth.


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