Excited for our May Meetup? Get ready for some connecting, sharing, and learning!

You'll already know, from being in our Positive, Passionate Women in Business Facebook group - what's going on with all the online offerings for our members; from the meetups to the #helloyou interview series ... so if you're not already a member, click here to become one now!! We'd love to welcome you into the huddle!

Ange Dion of Ange Dion Consulting - our guest speaker for this month - will talk about; Finding Your Self-Confidence. Get ready to learn some tips and strategies on finding yourself, self-love and confidence. Can't wait to hear Ange speak!

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So, join us on Wednesday 26th May 5-7pm in the Hello Media zoom-room - wine at the ready, or a lovely hot cup of something, and get ready to learn, connect, share and grow! 

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Fancy offering a lucky wheel prize? Get lots of promotion for your offering as we give you multiple shoutouts pre and post-event!

Here are our MAY lucky wheel prizes!

Prizes: Hello Media Renate Jewellery Jo Anne Irwin - Overcome Overwhelm and Anxiety Expert Make-it-local Jacq’s Dolls Direct Feng Shui and More Ange Dion Consulting TCC International Lea England


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