Why I love PLANN, and how to use it.

Why I love the PLANN app and how to use it … (and no, they don’t sponsor me to rave about how much I love it!)

  1. It’s on my phone, so I can use it anywhere.
  2. It’s easy!
  3. Plann shows me how my images and colour schemes fit together so my feed is exactly as I want it to look; gorgeous, cohesive and on brand!
  4. Plann ensures my Insta feed has enough white space and colour balance which is really important.
  5. Plann helps me stay organised and saves me so much time – it’s worth every penny!!!!

For Instagram artwork and infographics, I use a mixture of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, or my two portable favourites – the Wordswag & Typorama apps! So, once you’ve created your artwork, it’s time for PLANN!

I often share with clients how to use it in a one-on-one session, but for those needing a little step-by-step instruction, please read on …

Open the PLANN app on your phone.


Open the PLANN app and cick CONTINUE.

Click the + button to add images from your camera roll.













Choose DEVICE to find photos on your camera roll.

Choose images or infographics (pre made in Wordswag or Typorama preferably) from your photo album

Select the images/infographics


Cick on an image in PLANN, hold it down until it “wriggles” then move it around where you want it to be placed.

I chose this infographic I have previously made in Wordswag.

Choose image, click on it, and type your caption


Choose your time and date for reminder of when you’d like to post, if you are not posting it live now.

When you’re ready to post, click COPY & POST which automatically opens up Instagram.


Choose to add it to your Instagram feed (we can talk about Instagram stories another day!)

Click next (if you’re only posting the one image)

Press and hold down in the caption area, and click PASTE as it will automatically paste the caption you prepared earlier in PLANN.


Click OK and share your post on Instagram.


Click back over to PLANN. Click DONE.

Click the hashtag symbol.


Choose your prepared hashtag set and click COPY


Head back to Instagram, and click comments.

Press paste to paste your hashtags into the first comment. Voila! You're done👏




There is a DESKTOP version as well as the APP. I only use the APP version, as I use SMARTERQUEUE for desktop preparation for much of my social posting, and for clients who we Social Media Manage for.

Plann has many tutorials, a great FAQ section, and excellent newsletters - make sure you subscribe to them!

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