Is Instagram really shifting from a photo-sharing platform to a video-sharing app like TIKTOK?

New Instagram change - transitioning to video-sharing app like TikTok and YouTube


Instagram is a social media platform focused on photo-sharing. Or so we thought! On the 1st July 2021 Adam Mosseri (CEO of Instagram) shared on IGTV that the platform is moving away from being a photo-sharing app towards a more video-sharing and entertainment-based app - it really caused a greal deal of distress all over social media!!! Posts blew up, digital marketers were sharing lives, YouTube channels were vlogging endlessly, and in short - many of us were of the view that Instagram had forgotten what they were GOOD AT, and why we loved the, and it would be best if they stayed in their lane! 


WHY try to be like Tik Tok? They do that themselves. Why try to be more like YouTube? They do that very well. Be like INSTAGRAM. You're already awesome! But I digress ... that's not their plan;


Here's the IGTV post by Mosseri himself on his personal Instagram account.


Mosseri shared following their conducted researches, most people answered that they go to Instagram to find entertainment - really?! Who did they ask? I'd have liked to have known. 


As Hubspot states; "Individuals use social media to express themselves, discuss their interests, connect with friends, and grow their careers. Different social media platforms are used for specific purposes. For example, expressing creativity is most common on TikTok or Instagram; promoting one's career is common on LinkedIn."

Social networks;


  • Social Networking ~ Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are known as “networking” platforms because users interact with each other in many different ways. They focus is on the SOCIAL in social networking!
  • Photo Sharing ~ Two of the biggest photo sharing platforms are Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Video Sharing ~ The most well-known are Youtube and Vimeo, but almost all the other social networking platforms have embraced and encouraged video in recent years. 
  • Interactive Media ~ Snapchat and TikTok offer loads of funky, fun, interactive and experimental options, with a much younger demographic than other social platforms. They also allow users to share photos and videos. 
  • Blogging & community building platforms ~ The two main players are Tumblr and Reddit which both allow users to post about niche topics and both encourage chat and opinions! 


With Instagram making these latest huge changes, particularly away from being a photo-sharing app, it's created an enormous (and somewhat cranky) buzz! Back in 2012 when Facebook bought Instagram and swiftly changed the much-loved logo, Instagram has been ever-changing and evolving. We yearn for the Instagram we knew and loved!


instagram logo branding evolving through the years


One unsettled user, following the announcement in early July,  commented that this decision is a "big misguided mistake." Another user said that he left Facebook and came to Instagram because the former "became too commercial and negative."


Comments taken from the actual post of Adam Mosseri


Mosseri said that the competition now between Instagram and other platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube is huge which is why they're competing in the most effective way they can - embrace the changes and lean towards it.


What we'll be seeing in our feeds are full-screen, immersive video experiences based on what the algorithm deeds are our interests, and topics that we'd like to see more of.


What do you think of the new change Instagram changes that are about to be rolling out? Love the changes (I've wastched some YouTubers who think it's FANTASTIC!) or do you prefer the classic square photo-sharing style platform?


One thing's for sure, Instagram will continue to evolve. One thing I l know, is I LOVE the sharing of photo content on Instagram, and while I enjoy the videos and reels, I prefer each platform to do what they do best, and stay in their lane! What about you? Share in the discussions in our Facebook group

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