HOW can we ask our friends and family to support our business?

"The highest form of compliment is a share"
The topic of this post is where your business fits in with FRIENDS and FAMILY.
Can we ask our friends and family to support us in our business ventures?

YES absolutely we can!

There are gazillions of ways they can support us in our businesses which don't involve handing over their money to buy a product they possibly never wanted in the first place, attending an event they were never interested in, or booking our service.
They can support our social media efforts!
I made this visual for you to use on your personal accounts which may help your friends understand how they can support you!
1. Share a post
2. Like a post
3. Repost
4. Tag a friend
5. Comment a nice word
6. Drop an emoji in the comments
7. Give them a shout out!
how to support a friends business
I encourage you to save this graphic to your phone and post it on your personal page. (right click and choose SAVE AS or DOWNLOAD or if you're on your phone just click and hold on the graphic and then choose SAVE).
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