August 2022 Meetup ~ Positive, Passionate Women in Business

Our August meetup is now over, and what a wonderful time we had! I loved sharing about how to create your USP, and showing how to ensure that your business is chosen over another!


🌷 What is a Unique Selling Proposition? - A Unique Selling Proposition is what your business stands for. Instead of attempting to be known for everything, businesses with a unique selling proposition stand for something specific, and it becomes what you’re known for.

What we covered:
:star: What is a Unique Selling Proposition?
:star: How does a Unique Selling Proposition benefit your business?
:star: How to create your USP! (this is the fun bit!)
:star: How can I use my USP?

Ah-ha moments of the evening:

1. "Putting on that thinking cap to write your USP (unique selling proposition) to show how different I am to others"

2. "Ah-ha is writing a USP for every product!!"

3. "I just love seeing everyone and being part of this group. I've learned so much tonight and will be trying this tomorrow morning."

It was a fabulous night coming together online with amazing women in business. If you want to connect with us, you may find us in all these places; (and of course, if you're a huddle member and you missed out on the night, you can watch the replay!)


The PRE-event stuff: 

Join us for our August 2022 zoom sesh and let's celebrate each other - as we learn, connect, laugh, network and spread joy!

💗 This month our AUGUST meetup is a little different! Instead of a SPEAKER, I'm hosting a mini-workshop! How to IDENTIFY and CREATE your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) & then share it!

Creating your Unique Selling Proposition


The details:

Monday 29th August 5-7pm AEST in the Hello Media zoom-room - wine or tea (or whatever is your drink of choice) and be ready for inspiration!

Register on ZOOM here (essential!)

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Fancy offering a lucky wheel prize? Get lots of promotion for your offering as we give you multiple shout outs pre and post-event PLUS SEO backlinks!!

Here are our August lucky wheel prizes!

Prizes: Hello Media, SacredU.LoveHelmet Brims, Inhouse Pilates

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