April 2022 Meetup ~ Positive, Passionate Women in Business

Join us for our April 2022 zoom sesh and let's celebrate each other - as we connect, laugh, network and spread joy!

Our guest speaker is Carmel Murphy who is The Communication Queen, and she's talking on;

The Top 5 Videos To Use In Your Marketing Now...

Unsure what to say on video to attract quality leads and clients? Not with this list...

Get 5 intriguing topics to enthrall your ideal clients and put you top-of-their-mind.

PLUS 5 easy-to-implement tips to ensure your videos hit the mark and maximise engagement every single time!

 carmel murphy the communication queen


The details:

Wednesday 20th April 5-7pm AEDT in the Hello Media zoom-room - wine or tea (or whatever is your drink of choice) and be ready for inspiration!

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Post-Event Summary:

Carmel Murphy was an amazing speaker - I thoroughly enjoyed (as did everyone else!) learning from her!

Carmel shared:

Top 5 Videos To Use In Your Marketing Now

1. Problem - know the problem that their product or service solves.

2. Desire- talk to their core desires.

3. Questions-  make videos that answer their questions.

4. Story-  tell a story about you, a client of yours or someone you know. Stories increase perceived value. 

5. People- People want to see that you are real, just like them! Showcase your personality! 

My ah-ha moments of the evening:

1. Use their language, it's so important that people hear it the way they need to absorb it or the way that resonates with them.

2. Topic of desire, it's not your job to create a desire. We have the solution to what you desire. Our job is to add the fuel and bring emotion into it.

3. Position yourself as the provider of answers ... the expert that tackles the hard stuff. 

So much to process - it was a fabulous night!  To connect with Carmel Murphy aka The Communication Queen, find her in all these places; (and of course, if you're a huddle member, you can watch teh replay!)







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