5 tips to lift your Instagram game!

Instagram can be FUN if you're prepared, ready and know what your niche is and what content you want to share. Follow these top five tips to lift your Insta game!

1. Set up your Instagram bio so that followers know exactly what your niche is. Make it clear. Make it obvious. 

2. Geotagging - target clients and customers exactly where you are!

3. Hashtag strategy! People are searching Instagram for YOUR services and products so make sure you're using location based hashtags (if that's relevant for your business) as well as hashtags that tell us what you do and what that post relates to.

4. Ensure your content is SPECIFIC! Make it clear what you're offering. Offer content that engage people. Remember your call to action so clients and customers know what you want them to do.

5. The link in your bio is your golden opportunity to send clients and customers exactly where you want them to go. Your website should be ready and waiting for them!

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