5 reasons your website must have a great FAQ's page

Frequently Asked Questions (aka FAQs) are an absolutely vital collection of resource questions and answers that your customers ask about your products and/or services. Not only is this page an incredibly useful way to organise information that your customers often ask, but they can save you a lot of time, too. But wait, as if that wasn't enough to convince you (hey, we all want to save time!) the FAQs page can offer LOADS more so read on ... 

  • Undoubtedly a great FAQs page improves your customer’s experience. Remember the aim of the game is to ensure your customer doesn't leave your site after 3 seconds because they feel dumb. Boost them up with all the feel-good-vibes by allowing them to navigate easily to your FAQs and find out exactly what they need to learn!
  • Save you and your team PRECIOUS TIME with the questions that get asked ALL . THE . TIME . clearly visible in your FAQs. Trust me - you and your team are going to love this page when you've set it up correctly!
  • SEO ~ INCREASE YOUR ONLINE VISIBILITY on Google (and other search engines - yes, there are others 😜!)
  • Because your customers can find out the answers to their pressing questions any time of the day or night and don't need to wait until one of your team can respond to their basic, "does this come in blue?" questions, they can quickly make a decision to PURCHASE.
  • Your FAQs page deals with relevant and specific queries that your audience/customers/clients have about your brand/business so you need to ensure your copy is optimised to reach your target audience. 
Your FAQs page is often one of the most overlooked pages for many small-medium sized business websites, which is CRAZY because it's the most important to help you increase your online presence and drive qualified traffic to your site.

FAQ pages are an integral part of good navigation and the customer journey for most websites.

For many people, the website FAQ page is the second page they go to after the Home or Services pages. It must include quality content that will help your customers/clients to understand your products and services QUICKLY.

Your FAQ page will ensure you're seen as a leading authority in your industry when you include all the technical know-how type questions and answers your customers and clients will be needing to know - pre-empt what they'll ask about your products and services before they are even asked!


1. Increase the usability of your site, ensure you're seen as an expert in your industry and increase conversions ... just by having an excellent FAQ section! Your FAQ page is the place your clients and customers can go to with their questions. It eliminates the endless questions that you know take up way too much of your time and resources!

2. Use your FAQs page as a way to prove your business is a trusted expert. Providing excellent answers to your customer's questions is the perfect way to prove you're an expert in your field.

Link to relevant product and service pages from within your FAQs page to share the benefits of your great SEO strategy with other parts of your website. Winning!

4. Search Engines love FAQ's so ensure you have lots of great content to help your business get found by Google. Include lots of interesting information about your business, clients, products, and services and ensure you're including long-tail keywords that your customers are searching for. Your aim with a well-written and optimised FAQs page is that when someone searches for your products and services they will find your FAQ page.

5. Know what your customers are asking most often. Ask your friends and family to help out here if you're unable to put yourself in your customer’s shoes to figure out what questions or problems they might have. Your answers to the FAQs should be informative to give insight about your business, the products and services, and always point back to benefits and value.

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