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Instagram Business Account overhaul & revamp

We audit and review your existing Instagram business account, talk with you about our recommendations and listen to you about your account desires, and then provide you with a new and improved Instagram style + documentation 

What's involved:

  • 30-minute phone or zoom briefing
  • An audit which involves a review of your existing Instagram account
  • A review of your competitors Instagram accounts (up to 3 and only if supplied before preparation of strategy)
  • Update bio content within character count + hashtags
  • Establish Instagram scheduling tool (PLANN)
  • Creation of 9x graphics with 2 layout options of your revamped look and placed in PLANN so you can see how it will look once loaded up
  • 1 round of amends/feedback (further rounds will incur additional fees)
  • Research and identify suitable hashtag sets to use for future posting i.e. location related, industry-related, service-related etc.
  • Style guide & recommendations document outlining revamp approach + colour schemes/fonts/apps used so you can continue to emulate your new Instagram look & feel
  • 30-minute debrief meeting

    Click here if you need your Instagram & Facebook set up correctly and optimised.
    Click here if your Facebook is already set up, but needs an overhaul and a revamp.
    Click here if your Instagram is already set up, but needs an overhaul and a revamp.


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