Hello! I’m Kylie and here are a few things about me...

 ~ I was raised in a creative family with a Film Producer dad and a Dance Teacher mum, I was inspired to follow suit and be my own boss - which I've done for nearly 20 years!

~ I trained in print journalism (Auckland, NZ) followed by a Communications Degree (majoring in writing & radio), and have over 25 years experience as a writer.

~ At 21 I left Auckland, NZ for London, UK to workfor a TV Production Company.This role had me travelling the world (22 countries in my first year!) working on various sporting shows for the Formula 1 World Powerboating ChampionshipEuropean Jet Ski Championship, Hot Air Balloons, and in amongst all that I was also writing for magazines. 

~ After a crazy-incredible time experiencing more than one young person could ever dream possible in a lifetime, I moved a little closer to home - Australia, where the weather was fabulous and opportunities aplenty! 

~ Sydney based I worked in various roles in TV (The ABC, Ch. 10, Police TV, SBS),  Advertising and Magazines (The Australian Women's Weekly at ACP in the late 90s was a bit of fun!)

~ By my late 20s I'd set up my own film production house and worked on some exciting projects, which then took me to Byron Bay, where I've been living for the past 19 years. (Well, the glorious little village of Bangalow, 10 mins into the hills behind Byron to be exact).

~ During my 19 years up here, I've married, had a child, worked with some incredible entrepreneurs and companies. I've grown and sold a successful kids' eco toys and decor businessRainbows and Clover, which started off as a market stall and eCommerce business nine years later having over 500 stockists around Australia, a distributor in Korea, and over 200 products designed by me! 

~ During this time, I honed my Digital Skills in all facets of Social Media MarketingeCommerce web-stores and e-News and moved my love of writing off the printed page onto the Digital Platforms

~ I believe in being generous with the things we know and do. I also believe we should always be learning. I attend seminars, courses, workshops and conferences both nationally and internationally to continually expand my knowledge and grow personally and professionally

~ I love telling stories and believe passionately in the power of Content Marketing to connect people in a positive way with networks that will deliver both social and business support.

Hello Media & beyond

Hello Media became its own entity in 2016, and having worked in all areas of this industry my entire adult life, I can honestly say, I love it! I'm lucky to work with a great team, but also to have the privilege to work with amazing clients who inspire me daily.

I'm also passionate about volunteering my time with not-for-profits and charities, and you can read more about that here

On a personal note, my husband (a very talented and creative Landscaper and Horticulturalist) broke his neck playing rugby in 2007 and has been a quadriplegic for the past 12 years. We work on voluntary projects together and are passionate about paying it forward and helping the lives of those who find themselves in tough times. We have an incredibly awesome teenage daughter, she's fun and smart and gentle, with a generous, giving nature and virtually no interest in social media. Go figure!

Part of my daily practise is taking a moment to reflect on what I'm grateful for. I also like picnics, a glass of wine 🍾and a laugh with friends 😆. And I really, really love emoji's! (and bitmoji's and memoji's!)

Get in touch, make that discovery call & see if we're a good fit, connect with me on Social Media, (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest) or join the Hello Media FB group and say hi! 🙋🏼

I'm all about the journey, the environment, equality and accessibility, community, people, fairness, adventure, stories, the world out there and the world in which I live.  

Thanks for being part of our adventure … 

Founder and Creative Agitator,
Kylie Mowbray-Allen 


A couple of months ago I thought how fun it would be to get involved in #waybackwednesday on the Hello Media social channels ... so I dug out pics (yes, pre digital!) and have enjoyed the memory ride! (Sharing just a few here, but check out Instagram for more!)

1. Me in Stockholm, Sweden ~ filming a piece to camera a gazillion feet in the air, in the world's largest hot air balloon.
2. The FMTV crew + photographer Chris Davies ~ about to board this beast of a helicopter in St Petersburg, to film the Russian leg of the Formula 1 World Powerboat Championship - wild times!
3. Abu Dhabi, UAE ~ filming and writing for FMTV and having a blast!

... and a few more

4. Sardegna, Italy, on the Osprey Rescue Boat  ~ filming and writing.
5. Brandenburg, Germany with a bunch of F1 racing drivers from the Argentinean and the UK teams.
6.  Adventures in Melbourne with a rad crew!

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing industry

What many people find so challenging about this industry is what I love the most ~ its ever changing nature! It's always a wild ride ~ us Digital Marketers are kept on our toes!
I also love the unique ways I'm able to connect with people locally and internationally. I feel eternally grateful for the opportunities I've had.
Bring on the next 20 years and lets see what adventures lie ahead!

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