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Hello Media and Positive, Passionate Business Women proudly present a new series of workshops:

~ The Flourish Series ~

Our 2023 workshops will help your business grow, bloom & flourish!

They're FREE for all and are held on the 3rd Monday of most months throughout 2023. Click here to sign up to our newsletter to be notified in advance, as spaces are limited.

Have you noticed, that when you're feeling stuck and unsure what to do next, your business tends to stand still. Your energy starts to wane, you procrastinate, question yourself, and feel frustrated.

You'll also have noticed that when you're feeling confident and have clarity in your direction, outcomes and goals, PLUS an understanding of exactly how to get there, you're energised and enthused, your business is looking more profitable and you're ready to grow, bloom and flourish! 

In partnership with Positive, Passionate Business Women, Hello Media's business workshop series, FLOURISH, helps you learn how to do business better, uncomplified, and make the most of the unique organic opportunities that digital marketing offers you from social media, to email marketing, blogging, SEO and creating scroll stopping video. 

Get ready to grow, bloom and flourish in these workshops where you'll be upskilling, exploring new ways of thinking about your business, the direction you want to take, and how to reach that BHAG in business! Your journey to success has already started, and during the FLOURISH workshop series, you'll find new ways to grow, reach higher, and shine.  

Hello Media provides professional development opportunities to support you through your entrepreneurial journey, by way of coaching programmes, connection and support in Facebook communities, digital resources and workshops. 

Positive, Passionate Business Women connects and supports women through online networking, Facebook communities and listings on our new directory website. 

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Flourish workshop - Growing your business with Canva

FREE WORKSHOP ~ Growing your business with CANVA!

Canva is releasing new awesome (and some not that awesome yet 😅) features that it's hard to keep up with it all!!! Their new features are designed to empower brands and the marketers and creatives behind them.

If you're a seasoned Canva user and lover, this is definitely awesome-sauce and music to your ears! 🎵 

If you're new to Canva, all the updates might make you feel like you're in a Canvapocalypse! 😱

Take a deep breathe! We’ve got you!

Our fourth Flourish workshop in the series is titled; "Growing Your Business with Canva.” We'll help you tap into the full potential of Canva's latest features and shift your perspective from a negative "ANOTHER update???" to a positive "Another UPDATE!!!” 😉

Together with Positive, Passionate Business Women, we invite you to invest 2-hours of your time to upskill and learn online with Kylie Mowbray-Allen, so register now … we can’t wait to see you there! Come along, get inspired, and equip yourself so you can become a digital marketing SUPERSTAR!


Monday, 15th May 2023 12 - 2pm AEST ~ hosted ONLINE via ZOOM.