A blog is a fantastic way to show your expertise in an area, drive traffic to your website, and strategically place keywords, and keep your website content FRESH!

blogging is imperative for great seo, fresh content and showcasing your expertise. hello media can write your blog posts!

While a daily or even weekly blog post is FANTASTIC, a more realistic goal could be a monthly blog post; pop it into your newsletter so it heads out to your email database, automate that to appear in your socials, and you're winning on all counts - reaching four different audiences from one optimised piece of researched and relevant content.  

Click here to read our top 10 reasons your website needs to have a blog. 

If writing isn't your jam, you need your copy optimised for SEO, or you're simply time poor, we'd love to help you out with your blog posts.

We recommend;
Blog post creation (for your website).

    • 1x researched blog post per month
    • Includes relevant copyright-free, royalty-free images
    • Includes links to your social media, and from your social accounts to your blog
    • $599 AUD p/m ex. GST

If time is of the essence, buy your blog post here, or contact us via email to chat about your needs.


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