10 social media post ideas to share during Covid-19

So many of us are wondering HOW to engage on social media during the Coronavirus pandemic ... do we share info, do we stay silent and focus on business, does that make us look callous, do we keep it upbeat, will that be offensive to some???? Crikey, it's a minefield out there! There's one thing we know for sure - there's no RIGHT way to do it! What I can do to help however, is give you some ideas and SOME of these might resonate and fit your business message ... so please read on, and use what would be helpful!

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Some business owners are finding the horizon a little dismal right now, BUT there are some incredible positives that are coming out ... and one of those is how much time people are spending on social media every single day, and even better - is they’re actively ENGAGING with Facebook business pages and in Facebook groups! This means that this is your moment to shine. It's your moment to have real conversations with your followers, engage with your audience, provide so much value that you're always front of mind, and offer support so when things are back to normal, it's YOU and YOUR BUSINESS they're wanting to do business with.

But also remember, not everyone is doing it tough. There are still people who are spending and investing in themselves and their businesses and their growth. Those people could be your new clients and customers, so are you reaching them? Are you talking with them? Use this time to build your relationships on social media and show your expertise in your area.

Top tip: Be conscious of the words you use and the type of content you share on your socials during this time, and be conscious that you stay on brand and use your brand voice. 

Now isn't the time to change your vibe ... if you offer kids dance classes and your posts have always been fun and upbeat, now would be a really strange time to be posting political posts that rave about conspiracy theories, or share your political views. Your followers aren't following you to learn your stance on the heavy topics, so be mindful of what you share!

Also, for some this pandemic has been devastating and grief-riddled, yet for others, it's only been a mild inconvenience. Just be mindful that we're all experiencing something different, and if you're posting lighthearted or humorous posts, not everyone will be appreciating these.

Here are my 10 post ideas of WHAT to post during the COVID-19 pandemic; 

  1. Ask QUESTIONS! Not only do questions create great engagement opportunities, the also create moments for meaningful connection with your followers. You might think these are the same thing, but engagement and connection are vastly different and it's connections you need more than anything. Ask questions, get answers, then connect. Question examples: What positive happened for you today? Where's the first place you'll go and visit when this is all over? 3. Are you making Christmas plans? Does that seem too far away? What's the best thing about working from home? What's the most challenging thing about working from home? Drop an emoji in the comments that shows how home-schooling and working is going for you? A quote, words of inspiration or encouragement. Like them or hate them, you can't change the fact that quotes do pretty damn well on social media. They're often share-worthy content, they can lift and inspire, and now more than ever, we all need a little extra positivity. Give quotes a try, you'll be surprised!
  2. Create a funny graphic or an amusing meme, something that makes people smile, smirk, or literally LOL! Funny posts are often the ones going viral, so spread some joy and post some amusing content! Create it yourself using Canva, Wordswag or Typorama (or a myriad of other graphics apps or platforms)
  3. Take action! By this stage, you'll have already decided on which action our business needs to take to cope with the pandemic, and also to address coronavirus. Have you shared it with your social media followers? Whether you've changed how customers behave in your shop, or whether you've shifted to zoom webinars instead of face to face workshops, or if you've temporarily shut your doors, or you're offering online delivery where you haven't before, it's seriously important that you you share it and share it again. Don't think that your followers will see your post the first time you share it on social media. Some of them won't. Some of them will! So keep reminding them!
  4. THANK YOUR CUSTOMERS for their continued support, for their understanding during this difficult time, or for staying loyal to you.
  5. Tell your followers HOW you're looking after your staff, your suppliers, your customers, your own family, and what you're doing for your community during this crisis.
  6. Tell your followers how you're doing business now ... if you're closed, let them know. If you're online, let them know. If you're open. Let them know!
  7. Tell the story of what's going on ... for the majority of us, we've all had to pivot. The way we do business has flipped itself upside down. SHARE what's going on for you. Be visual and be vocal. Share behind-the-scenes insights at what your day looks like at the moment. Don't stress about this - do a FB or an IG live, or write an honest post. Share some pics. People want to hear and read about what's real. Be real and let your followers and customers know just how this coronavirus pandemic has impacted your daily operations and if you can, keep positive! All around the world people are going through the same thing, so your posts will resonate with your followers.
  8. Be positive, supportive and helpful when it comes to sharing COVID-19 info. There is so much circulating and you don't want to add to the negativity, so try and post the upbeat stuff. Share news articles, blog posts, video clips, or tips on how to stay healthy - there are so many businesses who are offering free pilates at home, recipes, tips on home-schooling - the list is endless. Share these posts about how businesses have pivoted.  
  9. Ask questions like, "if you could travel anywhere in the world when this is all over, where would you go?" to get people engaging and interacting, and dreaming and thinking of the future. Bring a little positivity and hope to the situation. Dreaming is good for the soul!
  10. Thank the doctors, the nurses, the supermarket workers. Thank all the people who work in essential services, and ask your followers to add their thank you's in the comments. If YOU employ essential workers, or you're providing essential services, tell us all about what you're doing behind the scenes, so we can THANK YOU! Thank your employees too. Thank your suppliers. 

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